Designing Engaging and Interactive Synchronous Online Class Sessions

Using Adobe Connect to Maximize its Pedagogical Value 

Edited by Matthea Marquart, Lia W. Marshall, Rebecca Y. Chung, and Kristin Garay

Foreword by Ray Schroeder

Chapters contributed by Malwina Andruczyk, Johanna Creswell Báez, Aparna Samuel Balasundaram, Sara Bartlett, Hans Bernier, Sahani Chandraratna, Sarah Clem, Beth Counselman Carpenter, Agata Dera, Mary Downs, Taylor Eutsey, Krystal Folk, Helen Garcia, Bonnie Glass, Ana Grullon, Robert Paul Hartley, Christine D. Holmes, Carly King, Edy Kupietzky, Josh Levine, M. Karen Lichlyter-Klein, Elexia A. Gonzalez Lowe, Vitina Monacello, Melissa Thompson, Murali Nair, Amelia Ortega, Mary Piepmeier, Sabeen Qureshi, Morgan Ritacco, Allison Ross, Roxanne Russell, Delia Ryan, Jessica Satkunasingham, Katherine A. Segal, Dawn E. Shedrick, Kelly Smith, Sierra Spriggs, Marianna Stayer, Sara Terrana, Elise Verdooner, and C. Danette Wilson Gonzalez. Additional chapters coming this year from Adrianna Taylor, Brittany Lytle, Fatima Mabrouk, and Kevin Ram.

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Chapter author group pic, August 2022

Top row, left to right: Matthea Marquart, Jessica Satkunasingham, Kristin Garay, Sara Bartlett, Elise Verdooner

Middle row, left to right: Edy Kupietzky, Lia Marshall, Bonnie Glass, Aparna Balasundaram, Adrianna Taylor

Bottom row, left to right: Amelia Ortega, Krystal Folk

Adobe product screenshot(s) reprinted with permission from Adobe. 

Chapter author group pic, August 2022

Top row, left to right: Helen Garcia, Matthea Marquart, Murali Nair, Kristin Garay, Josh Levine

Middle row, left to right: Carly King, Mary Downs, Agata Dera, Katherine Segal, Allison Ross

Bottom row: Elexia Lowe

Adobe product screenshot(s) reprinted with permission from Adobe.

"We're way beyond just porting what we do in traditional classrooms to the online environment. This book is essential for educators working hard to to improve the online learning experience with real best practices. This is a practical guide that addresses myths about the online environment, using a framework of equity to make the learning experience a truly inclusive one for students. The focus on truly engaging students with the class content, rather than constantly managing student behavior, is truly inspiring." 

Stephen Cummings, MSW, ACSW, LISW

Clinical Associate Professor, MSW Program Director

University of Iowa School of Social Work

Diamond Learning Technology Innovation Award, 2022


Gold Technology Award, 2022

Chief Learning Officer Magazine